Das me

You know that little goofy kid that is always recording everything? I'm not talking about snap chats or instagram, I'm talking about that goofy kid in the 90's that always carried around a camcorder at every family function? Yeah that was me. My name is Tony and ever since I can remember I have always loved to shoot video. From making stupid Jackass videos with my friends at the age of 10 to making even stupider videos of my jackass friends when I was 20... it's always been a passion of mine.



I am a citizen of the world. Cheesy? Yep. but it's another way to say that I like to travel. I lived in Spain and traveled around Europe for 6 months. Since then I have traveled to over 20 countries taking in all the unique cultures and beautiful sites that this world has to offer. I quickly realized that I hated writing so instead to took to making videos about my travels. Authentic, Real, Rad, and Raw videos about my experiences... the same way I love to capture weddings.


Das my girlfriend.

About 2 years ago I needed a second shooter for a wedding and I couldn't seem to find anyone to help. Luckily my camera shot "auto" and my girlfriend knew how to press record. Fast forward 2 years, and now she has me to thank for deciding not to go to Nursing school. She is now a camera nerd just like me! Don't worry, she shoots manual now and started her own photography business. We are currently working on a bundle package!


... also, please don't tell HR that I am dating my employee.